Staying Connected
About Staying Connected Counseling Center
Staying Connected Counseling Center welcomes you. We are a full service counseling agency located in Yorkville Illinois and service the greater Kendall and surrounding counties. We are a privately owned practice and we focus our work towards a blend of talk therapy, psycho education, and a little out of the box experiential treatments all aimed at helping you with whatever it is you need.  To learn more about our approach to therapy click here.

The therapists at SCCC have the tools, training, and desire to help you. We are flexible and our practice is all about leveraging the skills you already have, and helping you find that missing puzzle piece that brings it all together.

Fun Fact: We have a biological and emotional need for connection. This means that our 
brains our literally wired for connection.

Whether it's the connection with the people in our lives (friends, family, loved ones), our careers, community, or our hobbies and interests the connections forged and sometimes lost can evoke several emotions. Our connections can energize and deflate us serving as a source of both joy and pain. Because of this we understand that every now and then we need a little help to mange through those emotions, feeling, and thoughts.  

Because our connections play a major role in our personal being and happiness, it is our goal to promote and help clients stay connected to the people and things that accentuate their happiness.

With that we offer our services to you as you look to feel heard and valued, derive energy and sustenance, and gain strength from your connections in a judgment free zone.

How can we help you connect?
Here at SCCC we offer a multitude of services aimed at helping our clients build, manage, and repair their life connections.  See below for a brief list of those services.
Counseling Services
Individual Counseling

Couples Counseling

Family Counseling

Group Counseling
Workshops / Classes
Children First Divorcing Parent Class

Teen Survival Guide to Divorcing Parents Class

Seven Principles Couples Workshop

Staying Connected: Being Intentional in Your Relationship Workshop

We Can Help with...
Pain (Chronic Pain, Pain Management, Coping Skills)
Gender / Gender Identity Concerns 
Career Counseling 
Romantic Partnerships (Pre-Commitment, Romance and Passion, Monogamy and Non-monogamy)
LGBTQ Concerns
Sexuality (Identity, kink, swinger, open, poly)
Parenting / Sibling Rivalries
Children (8 and up)